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What makes Kerameio Leidra LTD and Cycement Products Ltd to distinguish in the Cypriot market is the responsibility with which it faces its customers, the reliability and quality that its products provide and the wide range of products that it offers. The excellent relationship that has established with its customers, but also the direct and effective delivery of its products from production to construction.

In our company, we care for the customer and with the experienced personnel that we have we are always next to him/her so that we know their problems and concerns. Based on these, we provide better service to the customer, since the problems and the concerns of our customers move directly from the customer to the Management.

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For support and information regarding our products or services please don't hesitate to contact us within working hours

P.O. Box 23986, 1687 Nicosia 
Telephone: +357 22 455900
Fax Num: +357 22 523791
Email: ledrabrick@cytanet.com.cy


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