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Technical Info


Bricks - Construction                                     Technical Files Leaflet
THERMOBLOCK 19LB33   Certificate 19LB33 Brick Leaflet 19LB33
THERMOBLOCK 11LB30-O   Certificate 11LB30-O BrickLeaflet 11LB30-O
THERMOBLOCK 9LB25-O   Certificate 9LB25-O Brick Leaflet 9LB25-O
13LB33T   Certificate 13LB33T Brick Leaflet 13LB33T
11LB30   Certificate 11LB30 Brick Leaflet 11LB30
7LB28   Certificate 7LB28 Brick Leaflet 7LB28
9LB25   Certificate 9LB25 Brick Leaflet 9LB25
9LB30   Certificate 9LB30 Brick Leaflet 9LB30
LB20   Certificate LB20 Brick Leaflet LB20
LB25   Certificate LB25 Brick Leaflet LB25
LB15   Certificate LB15  Brick Leaflet LB15
Bricks - Construction Related Products      
Masonry Mortar THERMOBLOCK     Description-Applications
Polymer-Modified Adhesive THERMOBLOCK     Description-Applications
13HLB33T   Certificate 13HLB33T Brick Leaflet 13HLB33T
7HLB28   Certificate 7HLB28 Brick Leaflet 7HLB28
11HLB30   Certificate 11HLB30 Brick Leaflet 11HLB30
9HLB25   Certificate 9HLB25 Brick Leaflet 9HLB25
9HLB30   Certificate 9HLB30 Brick Leaflet 9HLB30
Bricks - Decorative         
IBIW   Certificate IBIW Brick Leaflet IBIW
IFOW Red   Certificate IFOW RED Brick Leaflet IFOW RED
IFOW Yellow   Certificate IFOW YELLOW Brick Leaflet IFOW YELLOW
Roof Tiles        
Flat Tile FL   Roof Creation
Details for Flat Tiles
Allowed Roof Slope
Roof tiles Leaflet 
Tile Coppo Di Grecia TL   Roof creation
Details for Coppo Tiles
Allowed Roof Slope
Roof tiles Leaflet
Roof Tiles - Accessories              
R3W     Roof tiles Leaflet 
FLA     Roof tiles Leaflet
FLD     Roof tiles Leaflet 
FLV     Roof tiles Leaflet 
R4W     Roof tiles Leaflet 
RFO     Roof tiles Leaflet 
RFW     Roof tiles Leaflet 
RW     Roof tiles Leaflet 
TLA     Roof tiles Leaflet 
TLS     Roof tiles Leaflet 


ISO Files

LEDRA ISO-9001-2015   Download File PDF (121 KB)  
LEDRA OHSAS-18001-2007   Download File PDF (119 KB)    
LEDRA ISO-14001-2015   Download File PDF (121 KB)    
CYCEMENT ISO-9001-2015   Download File PDF (121 KB)    
CYCEMENT OHSAS-18001-2007   Download File PDF (119 KB)  
CYCEMENT ISO-14001-2015   Download File PDF (121 KB)  

Ledra Advertisements

Ledra 7LB28 3D Ad  A4   Download File PDF (1.3MB)    
Ledra Ad Roof Tiles Ad Masteromata   Download File PDF (3.0MB)    
Ledra Agia Sofia Ad A4   Download File PDF (2.4MB)    
Ledra Roof Tiles Pro Ad Mastoremata   Download File PDF (2.3MB)    


Technical Details Roof Example

Technical Details Roof Example
Technical Details Roof Example
Technical Details Roof Example
Technical Details Roof Example
Technical Details Roof Example
Technical Details Roof Example
Ledra Roofing Diagram
Technical Details Roof Example

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