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The company was founded by Mr. Kostakis Nicolaou, father of the current Managing Director of KERAMEIO LEDRA LTD Varnavas Nicolaou, and from his brother Mr. Nikos Nicolaou.
The Nicolaou family had a long and successful tradition in the timber industry of timber, which is dated from 1930. Based on this experience, the two brothers created a new firm of timber and parquet in 1973 in Latsia with the name Varnavas Nicolaou & Sons Ltd.
After the Turkish invasion in 1974, there was a large demand in bricks for the reconstruction of Cyprus. This gave the spark for the creation of a bricks manufacturing unit with the name Kerameio Ledra Ltd from Mr. Kostakis Nicolaou.
This unit was of small capacity and had big needs in workforce.
In 1984 the two brothers sepeated their enterprises, and Mr Kostakis Nicolaou took over the bricks firm. In 1987, his son Mr. Varnavas Nicolaou took over the firm's Management, after he completed his academic studies in the United States America in the area of Production.
In 1990, the automation of production began and as a result the capacity of the factory doubled.
In 1995, the production of cementitious roof tiles of Portuguese type began.
The company has placed as its objective the extension of its wide range of products in other building materials.
With these objectives in mind, the company continuously proceeds with the modernisation of production with machinery of new technology.
The very good quality of our offered products, the experienced personnel, the modern equipment, our factory plants and in general the long history and experience of our Management, have established KERAMEIO LEDRA as pioneers in Cyprus.


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