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After the Turkish invasion in 1974, there was a demand for bricks for the reconstruction of Cyprus. This gave the spark for the creation of a bricks manufacturing unit with the name Kerameio Ledra Ltd from Mr. Kostakis Nicolaou.

In 1987 the management of Kerameio Ledra was handed by Mr. Kostakis Nicolaou to his son, Mr. Varnavas Nicolaou, who manages the firm till today.

In 1990, there were investments for the modernization and further automation of production with the marked improvement of the quality of the bricks, packaging and doubling of the capacity of the factory.

In 1995, the company of Cycement Products Ltd was founded aiming at the production of Portuguese style cement roof tiles.

In 2002, a new brick factory was constructed. Foreseeing the trend of an increase in demand for thermal insulating bricks the new factory was constructed with quality and versatility in mind. This would keep Kerameio Ledra at the forefront of brick technology with the introduction of several thermo bricks which would give solutions to the problem of insulating of the concrete beams.

In 2006, investments were made for the construction of a new cement roof tile plant at a new location. The new factory was sourced set up and commissioned by a German company. A new more attractive Portuguese style profile and a completely new and modern flat style tile were introduced along with new accessories such as wide arched ridge tiles and left and right verge tiles.

The objective of Kerameio Ledra Ltd and Cycement Products Ltd, is offering solutions that contribute towards the improvement of the way your house is build at the most economic and qualitative way. The firm has a wide range of bricks and cement roof tiles for the satisfaction of even the most demanding customer.

The exceptional quality of our offered products, the experienced personnel, the modern equipment, our factory plants and the long history and experience of our Management, have established us as pioneers in Cyprus.

Kerameio Ledra and Cycement Products Ltd, expect the achievement of our mission by offering the Cypriot market information and support based on an exceptionally extensive range of products (bricks, thermal bricks, decorative bricks, cement roof tiles (Flat and Portuguese types) and tile accessories.

Our company in collaboration with its distributors throughout Cyprus seeks to cover the demands and needs of its customers in the best possible way.

In our effort for continuous improvement of our customer services, our company was certified according to ISO 9001.

Recognizing the impact that accidents have both socially and economically, our company was certified in 2007 according to OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety management and prevention system).

In 2009, our company was certified according to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) committing ourselves to the protection of our environment through the improvement of our environmental awareness and efficiency.

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